BLACK 2 Countdown: 7 Days Away

With BLACK 2 just a week away, the street team is promoting heavy everywhere.  The Outcast’s of H2o, H20 (targeting Audi’s), Bimmerstock as well as a bunch of other shows meets, are all being covered this weekend.  Then we have about 20 guys on the streets placing flyers on nice luxury cars, in auto-shops, barber shops, street signs, you name it.  The flyers are almost done and I would really like to thank everyone for helping out.  The show will be a collective effort from everyone’s hard work put in.^Seen at the outcasts of H20.

One more week away and the excitement is at an all time high for the scene out east.  I hope to see everyone there at Raceway Park at Englishtown NJ on Oct 1st.  Pre-registration ends on Wednesday so please get that done unless you want to pay more at the door.  Thanks



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