Update: Ruben’s M45 on Air

When I get a pic text from Ruben, there is a 100% probability that it will include a naked female.  He broke the statistic on Saturday when he sent some pics of his car slammed.  Ruben, one of our first members to the crew, was starting to feel the subconscious pressure of being one of the highest cars in the club.  With Black 2 less than a week away, his timing couldn’t have been any better.

His auto-leveling install was done by another white M driver, Philly Chris at Good Vibes Auto.  On his air install, he got help from Rodney.  Welcome to the slammed club.


With his bag over coilover setup, the car can get very low.

Don’t sleep on the car, it is well rounded with front/rear Akebono brakes, Weds Vishunu wheels, and a recent audio install.

Stay tuned for more last minute builds in prep for BLACK 2 which is this Saturday on Oct 1st at Raceway Park, Englishtown NJ

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