Its time to say farewell fellas.   I came in very positive and just want to leave on a good note.  I met some cool people along the way.  I think I made about every mistake you can ever make in building a car but I had a lot of positive feedback with the end result.  I hope that I made an imprint to inspire others.  I’d like to thank my extended family in Hawaii.  I’d like to thank LIBERTY VIP for pushing the envelope and trying new things. Collectively as group if we put just as much heart and effort into the behind side “NO HOMO” of being a crew, that we put into our cars, we would certainly be on a quest for world domination with no hate involved.  You live, you learn, you move on.  I strongly support LIBERTY VIP “the movement”.

Brendon is filling Agi’s shoes with his F50 set to debut at BLACK 2. Definitely looking forward to that.  Tommy is back with an LS460.  I know Rodney can’t hang on too much longer in the R350.  Chris S. is itching for a color change.  Ty is going to switch it up – all my badgering put to good use – and he will go in. Bobby will be rolling underground before he is done.  Dave has some VIP mods up his sleeve – he just needs to put them into play and undoubtedly he will set the euro VIP scene on fire.  Will in the SC is crushing everything moving in my opinion. Travis will win the loudest (meaning noisy) Y33 at any car show.  Chris is on the come up with the machined Luxury Abstract Stella X which look great and equally as great – moving. I’d like to give a special thanks to Chris G. of Good Vibes for letting me keep my car at his shop. He never asked me for anything, so when he says “I want your car to be at both of these shows” (Black 2, First Class Fitment) likewise I must oblige.

I had the idea that we could end the year at DK – it’s like organize chaos up there – meet – cruise – cleanup – yard sale.  I know an abundance of us have car parts there.  Aside from black it could be a nice get together and most cars go up there for the winter, anyway.  Final shoot and some epic video coverage.

I’ve been at this for sometime now – not claiming to know it all but the quest to build the baddest Q45 in the states “Y33” that is, was and still is the objective. Standby i’ll be back!!!!!

Version I:  Version Select Kit w/LS460 fogs inverted – Artisan Spirit Fenders, Junction Produce Type II Exhaust, Leon Hardiritt “Ordens”, Kouki Grill,  R32 skyline 4pot on a 350Z track rotor/2pot

Version II: Color Change Porsche 911 guardes Red, Mirror Covers, Custom Headlights CCFL Halo

Version III:KBREAK Body Kit w/LS460 fogs, Color Change Candy Apple Red Hot Hues, Work T1S, Custom Headlights LED Halo Upgrade, 3000K fog HID’s, Custom Fender w/ 2009 Range Rover HSE sport Insert, KBREAK tribal exhaust Tip, Rays eye lids, Window Visors

Version IV: Work Equips, GT Grill, Dakota Digital Auto Ride Leveling, Air re-install, R32 4pot/2pot, color matched JDM window visors, ICE JL audio all throughout, Custom Painted GT Grill

Version V: Respray, JDM Headlights with Double Projector and Halo, Lexus LS600h Fog Lights, Custom GT Grill, Upgraded Range Rover 2010 HSE fender vents molded from the rear, Widened, Weds Kranze Chrishna, Custom Stainless Triple Exhaust, JDM rear spoiler, Python Smart Start Alarm, Complete Tear down and rewire – KHC 2 battery Setup

Version VI: Radius Rear Quarter Panel Raduis Front Fender, Muffler Delete, Notched Frame, Remove Perches- Suspension Adjustment – OEM spoiler

Version VII: New Audio Upgrade (2) JLW6, Custom JDM Headlights – Cleared Lens, Double M45 Projector, Smoked Shroud

Coming Soon – See it at BLACK 2 and First Class Fitment

I go in – stupid or crazy??
33flavors aka betterthanyourY33 aka YSANJUSAN

3 responses to “FADE II BLACK

  1. You’ve been on a mission for years… That’s dedication right there homeSlice… I know you working on a master plan… I know that you’ll have more fun next time around…

  2. With all due respect to Liberty I need to clear up the fact that at this present time i’m not a part of Liberty & have no plans of returning to the crew,I love cars & the scene that’s all…

    P.S. Jay your car is fire & good luck on your future endeavors & Liberty you guys keep doing what y’all are doing..

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