Accomplishments: Ty and WIll in RIDES Magazine SEMA Edition

For those at SEMA, be sure to head over to the RIDES magazine booth and pick up a copy.  Liberty members Ty and Will made it in the issue.  Lets congratulate them on a full feature.  There is nothing like seeing your car, crew and name in print.  I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.-AGIM JONES


Update: Kevin Adds More Front Camber

Kevin from SoCal, just recently dialed in some more negative camber in front of his Y34 M45 and the results look great.  Some might say “why would he sacrifice flush fitment?”

While fitment is an important part of the scene, the overall flow of the car is more important.  Besides, if he feels the need to go flush, he can just add a spacer.   Continue reading

Update: Big Martin is Back

Martin is back is action.  One of our OG members has been out of commission when he blew his engine about a year ago.  Since then, he has been modding his Honda Accord wagon but just recently got around to getting a new engine for his GS.

He looks to get busy right away as he had his front spindles cut so he can drive lower without banging the strut tower.  Supra brakes were another nice addition to his ride. Continue reading


When Philly Chris bought his Luxury Abstract Stella’s, he did so with the intent of getting fender work done to fit them.  Due to the nature of being a busy shop owner along with Dreamakers being backed up with work, he had to hold off.  Now that all the show season is done with, Chris is ready to go in for a make over.  He just dropped the car off.  Stay tuned for updates.




If you ever met Mike, the first thing you would say is “hey, you’re not fat!”  They should call him skinny mike.  Why do they call him FatMike?  “No one knows but its provocative!  It gets the crowd going!!!”  The FatMike is now The Black Mike.  Nor is he fat, nor is he black but his new name is much more fitting.  He recently purchased an authentic Mercedes-Benz CLK BLACK Series and it is in white to cause even more confusion.

Continue reading