LIBERTY GARAGE: 037 Complete

While we patiently wait for BLACK2 pics, we are gonna show you the car that the fans voted for the most times.

Brendan won Fan favorite (had 5 witness’ on stage).  Thats one of the trophies that means a lot since the people voted.  Since he was not there, it was guaranteed that he didnt vote for himself lol.


pic credits: Ray at Garagespec

He debuted the Luxury Abstract Grassor-C’s.  Dreamakers Kustoms did there thing with this one.  The body line on the fender edge makes the car appear stock but it is heavily modified.  Check out a few more


Big 4 piston Rotora brakes even in the rear.


What the Japanese do so well is make their cars flow front to back effortlessly.  If you pay attention to the holes in the fender, they match the holes in the rear bumper.  You can see how smooth the widebody and fender edge are in this pic.  WidebodyQ is back!

Jillian won second place fan favorite.

You will see more of this car along with coverage of what was the funnest car show ever.  Thanks everyone for coming out.  I am just as excited to see the pics of the event.


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