It wouldn’t be right not thanking you guys for making this event what it was.  Will we do it again next year?  For certain.

-Dreamakers came up HUGE. They not only put in 15 hour days for 2 weeks to get B’s car ready, they trailer’d it and back since Brendan was unable to get it. Then they took the time to make 3 trophies when I asked for 2. If you seen them, they put in lots of time and money into these. On top of all that, they made a motorized cooler for the event to be raffled which was their idea. I can’t thank them enough, this is why I always rep them 100%, they are like family.
-Brendan for allowing DK to take the car up and also going in on the mods. You make it a pleasure to have your car repping my company (your new upgraded pillars came out dope BTW, not shown in pics)
-Chris for getting raffle tickets, the best team award with liberty funds, the stickers for a few of the specialty trophies to make them legit. He did all this like last-minute but it all got done. He also got the HOF acrylic awards for the Liberty guys. Also for getting the shirts out there and selling them. Cant forget the OG four loko’s he brought out that he been saving for 1 year like fine wine.

-Kevin FLS for making the banners and the black 2 stickers with like only 1 day notice and he shipped them so they got there just the day before. Very clutch.

-Philly for putting in work the day before the show to help Gee get his air ride in so he could make it

-Philly Chris for doing a lot of work in the shop to get rides ready for this event including Jermaines, his own, Gee’s and a few others

-Will and Rodney for their secret contributions

-Stance:Nation for paying for their award, sending a photographer and overall, being super supportive. We will get a feature soon

-Ray for so much. He brought a model out, and gave us some great coverage as always

-Jillian the model for coming out, taking pics with the cars and even presenting every single award. Class act, great to work with

-Canibeat for getting us the pic for the flyer and presenting an award. Having Dave come to show support was cool.

-Mario for providing coverage and a sick ass video on the house

-All those who pre-paid early. It made it a little easier to ball out on the accessories and make the show as sick as it was.

-Mc Slick for making the show fun. He got everyone’s attention and put smiles on faces which is what every show needs

-Javier for allowing me the opportunity to host the show at Raceway Park.

-DK staff and Joe for helping me setup the stage and booth

-Ben, my interior guy for putting up with me. I had him redo my best interior award last-minute and he actually sent his worker (who I would thank but I forgot his name) to deliver it.

-James for bringing out the Lambo, another car and getting a booth, just for support

-The E-town judges

-Rides magazine for getting a booth

-Sharad for coming two years straight with his car, from Canada

-The chicago guys for making that long ass driveRav spec for bringing their sick display and a bunch of cars
-Kenny for promoting hard

-Aloo and the rest of the guys for getting the flyers out there

-I can’t thank Randy enough. So I bought a car the day before the show needed a driver to deliver it. He came to get the car 1.5 hours away and drove it back. Then in the morning, he drove to my house to get my wheels and a couple of awards for the show, and came back to englishtown to have it there. It’s great to know I have real friends like that as I would do the same.
-Ty and the rest of the crew for going to every event, promoting the show with their cars
-All the photographers, bloggers on hand. Too many to list
-All the sponsors and vendors
-Everyone that showed despite the rain.
Sorry if I missed anyone, I am tired. That doesn’t mean I forgot you guys. I appreciate all the help and letting us make this the best show of the year (so far)

2 responses to “Thanks!!!

  1. i really wanted show appreciation to people who made the show happen. thumbs up to Agi for recognize everyone that was involve behind the” scene”. class act.

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