IDFR BBQ Saturday Oct 8th 12-6pm

Tomorrow, there is a BBQ going down in Queens NY.  IDFR is a new shop on Queens Blvd. that is doing all the right things to become a major player in the game.  They opened up their shop on a very competitive Queens Blvd strip, thats flooded with automotive shops.  This store is huge and they have their warehouse next door.  Both the shop and warehouse, along with the street, will be filled with cars.  If you are from the area, you know how congressted Queens Blvd can be.  Not to worry, they got city permits to park along the street and on the sidewalk.

72-17 Queens Blvd

Woodside Ny

Liberty is going to support this event because we respect the people of the shop.  Mario did a video for us covering Black2 and didn’t look to charge anything.  We like aligning ourselves with true supporters.  Definitely come check it out.  The Luxury Abstract display will be there as well.


All your favorite NYC Liberty VIP cars will be in attendance and maybe even one from Philly.


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