Kingpin Earns his Wings

Yudi “Kingpin” just earned his Liberty plate.  Actually, he earned it a while back, we just didn’t have any more in stock.  We will update you during the week as to who the new guys with a plate are.

For those who missed it, we only designate plates to members who not only meet the car requirement but also meet the participation requirement.  The people are as important as our cars as the members are a reflection of the entire crew.

Yudi stuck around to beat the “time served” challenge.  He is very active on the forums, he has a few vouches in Canada and his car has seen a few meets/shows.  He has also been very helpful by looking to help others.  Thats what we are all about.  Congrats Yudi.


4 responses to “Kingpin Earns his Wings

  1. Repin’ ontario hard! .. congrats on being official! .. nice ride man i was drooling over this thing at importfest this year!

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