RIP Brendan Kennedy “King of F50”

Today, we suffered our biggest loss ever.  Brendan Kennedy passed away from a motor cycle accident.  Some may know him as “Qfour5.”  He was a very good friend of mine.  When I heard the news, I was driving and too chocked up to say much and almost crashed.  For those that didn’t know Brendan, he was the most humble guy you could ever meet.  He never wanted to be the “star” but just a contributing team player.  No matter what, he was always down to help.  At our last BBQ in Staten Island NY, he drove down 4 hours from Plymouth MA, took control of the BBQ grill and didn’t ask for a break.  That’s a huge responsibility when you are feeding 120 people on one of the sunniest days of the year.

He was always open to opinions and never got offended.  Brendan was so respectful and always looked to give credit elseware even when he was the one who put in his money into everything.  Fitting in was important to him.  Drama was something you would never get from Brendan as he was always in a good mood and excited to be apart of the team.  I was given then honor to help with his car build.  When it neared completion, he asked me if I would be ok with him painting it candy green to honor me for helping him since I had the same vehicle that color.  I was blown away that anyone would consider doing that.  Last minute, he chose not to in order to make it to black 2 since he felt having his car there was mandatory.  The fact that he would even consider doing so shows you the level of respect, dedication and how humble he was.  He never even got to see his own car completed since he had the body shop, dreamakers Kustoms tow the car there.  It worked out best that he didn’t paint it green, he gets his own legacy and lives on as a legend.

Prior to taking his car in for its current look, we went out for drinks and just kicked it talking about car and non car stuff.  After a while, you start to lose a little enthusiasm for modding cars but when someone like him comes along, so ecstatic, the flame rekindles.  It reminded me that cars just bring us all together but its the people who actually make Liberty what it is.  He was so excited and all he kept mentioning was the team and how this would help Liberty.  BK was not looking to shine and was ok with any responsibility we gave him.  He was the epitome of “team player.”  Just last night he was posting how he was committed to take his car to west coast and Texas car shows to represent Liberty and the vip scene as a whole.

If I could trade in my car and everything I own to have him back, I would.  And I am proud to say that just about all of Liberty would agree on that.  He was such a loved member.  If he had to go, at least he left on top.  His ride is currently the hottest car on the internet.  For such a humble guy that would accept being the last player on the bench, he is currently our brightest star.  His car is the most talked about car on the blogs, most photographed at Black 2, won fan favorite, and is making all the top sites from Stance Nation to Canibeat.  He got a story book ending to a short but great life.

Since he helped me so much by having faith in my new company when most didn’t, I am donating all the Luxury Abstract proceeds for the month of October to the Kennedy family.  We are also releasing Liberty VIP shirts and stickers in his honor.

To pre-order a shirt, please paypal $20 (includes shipping) to

Stickers are $5

We will be arranging a cruise in his honor shortly.  Stay tuned for details on that.

Rest in Peace my friend.  We will always keep your name alive.

RIP Brendan Kennedy “Qfour5” *King of F50*



56 responses to “RIP Brendan Kennedy “King of F50”

  1. I know i just met you guys by way of your blog, but i honestly & sincerely want to say that i pray for his family & all of his friends. May he RIP & be a rad dood in Heaven.

  2. Never me you guys but saw you guys at first class fitment last year and will see you this year, im sorry for the loss and my prayers are going out to his family and all of you, he sounded like a great guy and wouldve loved to meet him, i for sure am buying a shirt and sticker in his memory

  3. Agi, I’ll get a hold of you on facebook for how much extra you need to ship to Canada. I’m sure, Aidan, Brett, Yudi and I can order together.

    Sorry to hear guys, best wishes to his family.

  4. R.I.P. fam….Agi u said it best “If I could trade in my car and everything I own to have him back, I would. And I am proud to say that just about all of Liberty would agree on that” ill hit u up for the decal n shirt, may the Lord bless and keep everyone safe….

  5. fuck man i was just literally looking/reading about his car, and then i clicked on my favorites to check out this Liberty blog and all of a sudden i find this out. I never even knew the guy but this shit stunned me because he was in the progressing in the spotlight, and then this suddenly happens. sad.

    l ps

  6. This is so sad to hear, Ive had the liberty of meeting brendan several times and to find out he has passed at such a young age is devastating…. My condolences to the family and may he rest in peace.

  7. Sad to hear when we lose a fellow car enthusiate..RIP Brendan and to the Liberty crew,my deepest sorrow for your loss as well…Keep ya heads up!!!!

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  9. wow just read the news on the the forum and was like what!! i honestly felt pain as i was reading this, rip brendon never meet the guy but all i know is he set the bar on the f50 game in the states.R.I.P

  10. This Q45 stands among the elite of the American VIP movement, and from what I have read about Brendan, it seems that he too stands out as a beloved team member, boyfriend and son. My heart goes out to his family, his girlfriend and all those in the Liberty family.

  11. Brendan created an elegant ride that was heard about and envied in the deserts of Arizona. It was one of kind and you could see the love and care that it took to create this vehicle. My condolences go out the family, girlfriend, friends, fans, and the members of the Liberty VIP Car Club. This dedication video says a lot. R.I.P Brendan and to reaffirm, you may be gone but not forgotten.

  12. Damn I am so sad to hear this. Never met the guy but I am sure he is a humble individual. My deepest condolences to his friends and family. May the good lord bless his soul.

  13. Travel well Brendan Kennedy. It is true that our friends are the only ones who can tell the best qualities we have. Good for you man because you have made a nice emotional impact in the lives of others. My condolences to the family and friends. Rest in peace brother.

  14. Bren was technically my little cousin… but truthflly more like a little brother. Im proud to have known him my whole life and all that knew him are better people for having had him in their life. Love you Bren

  15. dear are with your dad now..from what i’ve read, you will be dearly missed by so thoughts and prayers are with pat and ya marie

  16. You are the brother I never had. You gave and gave and never expected anything from anyone. My life was better because of you. I love and miss you so much.

  17. Wow this is crazy!! I had no idea! I think I have some pictures with Brendan and his car from our shoot back in December 2010, I will have to dig up the old photos. I was really looking forward to seeing him again and shooting the car to represent Luxury Abstract and put it on the LA website too. I only met Brendan once, and only hung out with him for a couple hours, but from personal experience, he was such a cool guy. Like Agi said, he was really genuine and kind, friendly and quiet. He was really humble and helpful. I will never forget us joking about him walking around in the frigid Boston weather drinking his 2 liter of soda, (instead of a regular little 20oz bottle of soda) – because I do the same thing! I hope to be able to attend the cruise in his honor. All the best to the liberty crew, his girlfriend and family.

  18. Thank you for having such a touching remembrance of Brendan. Both he and his brother are friends of mine. It is comforting to know that he reached so many people in his short life and that his reach spanned so far. He was truly an uncommon soul and I shall never forget him.

    Thanks again.

  19. I like the article and feel if describes Brendan perfectly. I knew brendan nearly all my life and lived with him for over a year he was one of my best friends. He spoke of liberty often to me especially during 2 of out 12 hour road trips to drop off his car and pick it back up when he first put the air bags in and spoke very highly of you during these trips. I could go on forever about how much Brendan did for me throughout our friendship but its too hard to type right now all i can say is i love you buddy watch over us


  20. Hey Guys My Name Is Roger I Was One Of Brendans Good Friend From Home I Worked With Him Am Im Going To Try And Get The Car So I Can Live Out His Dream For Him So Everyone That Hasnt Gotten The Chance To See The Car They Will I Never Ever Detail That He Wanted For The Car Ever Single Thing He Was Like My Brother We Rode Street Bikes Together N Everything But It Was Sad To See Him Go But I Would And Will Be Honored To Represent Bk For Ever Show That I Can And Represent Liberty As Brendan Would Have With Me By His Side Along With His Gf Sara But Lastly I Love U Big B I Miss U And Im Sorry We Never Got To Finish Out The Dream Im Will Finish It Out For You Buddy N Ill Let Everyone Know Who You Were I Promise Bud

    • Thank you all so much for your care and love. Brendan was a truly special person his whole life!!! I know, I’m his mother. Davin and I are devastated but thank you all for your thoughts and prayers

      • Thank you…

        You should feel proud to have nurtured such a great person into this world. He touched a vast number of people across the globe and inspired them through his creativity…

        He won’t be forgotten.

    • I didn’t know Brendan, but am so hurt by his loss, I feel I know him and have a special bond with him because I was close to him at the moment of death. God bless you Brendan and your family and friends.

  21. Brendan was my cousin and was one of the best people I have ever known. Thanks to everyone for their kind words and for allowing me to see how much Brendan nwas loved by everyone. it means more than words can ever say. Love you Brendan forever.

  22. Sorry for the loss, and it must’ve been an honor knowing him. “All we end up being is what people remember of us.” -Augdogg

  23. You are so missed by so many, Brendan! I can’t wait to see this car of yours someday. Love to you and your Dad in Heaven…

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