Gone But Not Forgotten: Brendan

Jermaine took the time out to go through a bunch of videos and pics to put together footage of Brendan and his car.  Thanks, we really appreciate that.

It’s been tough trying to sleep so far.  I could only imagine what his family and girlfriend are going through.  Our prayers are with them.

6 responses to “Gone But Not Forgotten: Brendan

  1. Brendan created an elegant ride that was heard about and envied in the deserts of Arizona. It was one of kind and you could see the love and care that it took to create this vehicle. My condolences go out the family, girlfriend, friends, fans, and the members of the Liberty VIP Car Club. This dedication video says a lot. R.I.P Brendan and to reaffirm, you may be gone but not forgotten.

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  3. Hey guys this is great Brendan always talked about you guys and wanted me to get hooked up with you guys. He was a great respectful man. He was an amazing friend and all the posts and blogs about him truely are amazing. Thanks we all lost a good friend and his lengend will live on. Rice

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