IDFR BBQ After Math

After hearing the horrible news about Brendan on Friday night, we figured making the IDFR bbq the next morning would be tough mentally on the guys but we did it anyway.  That turned out to be a great move since those who knew B, all shared their memories of him and made us feel a lot better after words.  Many mentioned how he cooked for us at our BBQ, got so sun burnt that he had to wear a sweater in 90 degree heat, but still would not give up the grill.

The day started very cold but ended on a positive note with smiles and laughter.  While a tragedy like this could break us, it is only making us stronger and bringing us all closer together.  We now feel like we have a purpose.  We now have BK to honor.

The BBQ was nice.  The guys at IDFR are really taking care of their customers.  They had BBQ outside and an endless amount of catered chinese food on the second floor.  They appreciated the fact that we came out to show support only a day after hearing the news.  To us, we felt we had to be out there, rolling deep.  He would have wanted us to.

Even Charlie came out.

Rob even came down from Philly.  Last time he drove the car to NY, he had to keep his steering wheel at a 90 degree angle to drive straight because the bad roads knocked his alignment off.  With that said, he sucked it up and came out any way to show support for BrendanI like to thank everyone for their emails, messages, text’s and phone calls.  All the kind words help.  I also want to thank everyone for being so generous.  We raised over $1,600 so far for the Kennedy family.  Once again, if you would like to buy a shirt, they are $20.  Stickers are $5.  All the funds will get forwarded to the family.  Please send paypal to


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