Recap of Brendan’s Q45 Video Shoot

Today, I went up 200 miles to Dreamakers Kustoms with Kenny Cano to get a video taken for Brendan.  Prior to him passing, he called to ask about the possibility of Kenny doing a video for him since he is one of the top videographers in the area. We have to thank Kenny for making it happen as well as Dreamakers for staying until 9:45pm on a holiday, working hard to assure BK gets the best video footage we could get for you guys.

Getting up there was a challenge.  First, I got lost for hours trying to find Kenny without navigation.  NJ is like a foreign country to me without it.  Then, the traffic on the highway was backed up for hours.  Once we got to the shop, we realized that it was worth the effort and the way things fell into place, it made it feel like it was all meant to be.

I don’t want to spoil the location of the video for you guys so I will only tell you details about what it felt like.  Nate, the owner of the shop and myself got into the Q45 and drove off while a second car recorded.  Getting in that car gave us a real sense of pride.  I definitely felt a strong presence in the car as if he was in there smiling.  It was one of the highlights of my life and one I can share for ever.

After the shoot, we all get back to the shop to decide what we are going to eat.  Then the sky turned so bright that we couldn’t help but notice it.  Immediately, the photographer grabbed his equipment and began to shoot.  I would later find out that it is said that when the sky turns that color and the clouds are rippled in an angle, a soul is being taken to heaven.  With the clouds behind Brendan’s car the way they were, it felt like a movie.  It was so right.  To think, this may have not happened if we got to the shop on time as planned.  I had to take a couple of low quality camera phone pictures to prove that it is not a photoshop and that it did happen as I tell it.  We will have high-resolution pictures of the shot coming shortly and we will get them printed for the family.

I hope this story lives on with his memory and reminds his friends and family that he is in a better place now.  RIP BK