Brendan Kennedy “BK” stickers

So last week, after we found out the news about Brendan, we decided it was best to act fast and collect payments for stickers so we could raise more money for the family.  We got asked plenty of times “what will the sticker and shirt look like?”  I had no clue what we wanted to put on the sticker.  A few nights ago, I woke up at 3am to a dream about the sticker.  BK was a huge Boston sports fan.  Most of the guys in Liberty are Yankee fans and we always would tease each other.

 I figured that we would make the sticker a ” B K” in the Boston Red Sox font.  I could imagine him laughing at all of us Yankee fans with a Boston Red Sox B on our cars.  It also makes for good conversation piece that will make us smile when we see it and talk about it.  Once again, we have to thank Kevin for taking the initiative to get this done in a timely matter.

Here is my personal tribute to a great friend and team member.

I will proudly have my sleeve up all day at the “First Class Fitment” car show this Saturday.  If you would like to buy a shirt and sticker, they will both be on sale at the show.  To those who can’t make it, you can either pay with paypal or mail me a money order.  All proceeds go to the family.  Shirts are $20, stickers are $5

Paypal address is

For my address, include you email address in the comments and I will get back to you.  We will show you what the shirts look like tomorrow.  Thank you all.