Brendan’s Offical Video Tribute

After we got to DK and cleaned the car a bit, Nate took us to an active airport (with mini planes landing and taking off only 15 feet away) and managed to take the car for a few laps while Kenny recorded in the car behind.  This was while the airport manager was making threats to us.  The risks made it all worth while since we got to put together an epic video for Brendan.

Video Credit: Kenny Cano

We have to thank Kenny and photographer Mike for going along that long 8 hour round trip with me to get this done.


14 responses to “Brendan’s Offical Video Tribute

  1. Great job Agi, you would have made him proud. And Special thanks to Kenny, you’ve out done yourself.
    BK Enjoy hitting switches up there. RIP

  2. Thank you so much for all your help and kind words that were said about my cousin. You did a wonderful job filming and Brendan would have been so proud. It brought me to tears watching it because it was so beautiful.

  3. Sick Flick Kenny… Brendan created a Beautiful ride, Nate you killed it…couldnt get any tighter man! Agi the wheels are so fresh keep up the good looks, and my deepest regards to the Kennedy Fam….

  4. Great Video. Captured his essence and spirit perfectly. Agi way to honor the memory of a friend, much respect homie and Kenny as always sick film work. RIP Brendan.

  5. jennifer

    I am also Brendans cousin thank you guys aswell he wld of been proud such a good job it brought tears to y eyes watching it thank you for all you are doing you guys are wonderful

  6. BK is the man and also will be I remeber cruzin in his maxima before he bought the infiniti and he will alway be in everyones prays he was a hard worker and cared about his cars to the fullest

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