Canibeat First Class Fitment 2011 Aftermath

Oct 15th was the Canibeat First Class Fitment car show.  Out of all the shows we do, this is the second most important event on our show list (first is obviously BLACK).  FCF 2011 had lots of hype to live up to thanks to the success of their first show but they did deliver.  Even the cars in the parking lot could have made for a great meet.  The spectator parking filled up quickly and I had to do 4 laps before I decided to illegally park it somewhere.

Pic Credit: Evoked Photography (only the pic above).  The rest of the pics are Rob’s camera phone pics.

The vibe was real cool and laid back.  This year, we knew a lot more people than we did last year so it was nice seeing everyone.  Only 100 cars are allowed in the show and a few more were allowed in the drive way.  I didn’t count but we had a few more cars this year than we did last year.  The whole lineup looked different from it did the previous year.  We had a bunch of new cars there and the old ones had face-lift’s or complete make overs.

Smitty was exempt from his wedgie for attending FCF and not Black2.  His wife had a baby the week before that.

Martin’s face was stuck like this the whole day until I gave him a wedgie.  More on that in a future post.

Jimmy earned his Liberty plate and was dancing after words.  We got it on tape.This is Philly Chris’ last show of the year as he is packing it up and heading to the body shop for a make over.  His quarters need some TLC in order to fit those specs properly.  Still sick though

Lots of sad faces when we got the BK tribute shirts and stickers but we would all eventually have a good time.

Out of the total 7 trophies, we won 4 of them.

Best Interior- Ty 2nd Gen GSBest wheels- Fat Mike Benz CL500 W215

Best Crew- Liberty VIP

Best of Show- Brendan Q45 F50

The Best Crew was a great win.  Even though we knew we had that one due to our numbers, it still didn’t make it any less sweet winning it at a high-profile event.  During the day, they did an announcement for Brendan, to bring awareness of his passing away.  Thanks Canibeat for showing love.  He would later go on to win Best of Show.  BK was there with us in spirit as we had about 25+ supporters wearing the RIP shirts.  He was really excited about First Class Fitment prior to him passing.  We did the first event last year and was anxious to go there with his new look.  Dreamakers fulfilled his dream by towing the car there.  BK winning Best of Show is icing on the cake for his legacy and I was glad to have been up there accepting the trophy along with Nate from Dreamakers.

If you still would like to make a donation to his family, the shirts are $20 each and the stickers are $5.  Use the paypal address

If you don’t have paypal and would like to send a check/money order, email that address and I will respond back with a mailing address.



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