BK Tribute Stickers

At the First Class Fitment car show this past Saturday in NJ, we all had our BK stickers on display on the lower passenger side right under the Liberty plate.


Brendan was even being shown love in TX.  I got a text from my friend Gio showing me his sticker to show his support.  Click read more to see.


Even our friends in Texas, Gio and Johnel, had stickers on their cars to honor Brendan.  We really appreciate that.  We are all in the same scene which is a small scene.  When a quality member is lost, it is felt all across north america.  Props go to the boys from Refined Elegance in TX for showing love.  His family will love to see that he is being shown love in places so far away.


One response to “BK Tribute Stickers

  1. it looks like i’ve missed a good show .thanks guys for showing all that support for Brendan’s family .thanks guys.

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