If you ever met Mike, the first thing you would say is “hey, you’re not fat!”  They should call him skinny mike.  Why do they call him FatMike?  “No one knows but its provocative!  It gets the crowd going!!!”  The FatMike is now The Black Mike.  Nor is he fat, nor is he black but his new name is much more fitting.  He recently purchased an authentic Mercedes-Benz CLK BLACK Series and it is in white to cause even more confusion.

For those who are unfamiliar with this car, it comes this way from Mercedes.  It is a step above the AMG model and is limited in production.  The car is much more track-like than an AMG.  The wider stance and carbon fiber components, make it lighter and more agile.If we were in Japan, he would fit right in the 300km club.  How does this fit in our group?  We are a modified luxury car club specilizing in vip style.  The aggressive styling, vented fender, widebody, all while keeping the overall luxury appearance, goes with the styling cues of vip.  Actually, these type of cars are what inspires vip in the first place.

This car is not stock, it has a color matched roll cage and HRE monoblock wheels.  Now lets just get him to lower it a bit.



12 responses to “New Addition: CLK BLACK SERIES

  1. I was not ready to see this car when I saw it. Totally not expecting it because I have a friend with a 63 black and it’s awesome, but to see this car in white with the black roof and dark lenses and all the other stuff. Insane.

  2. Supposedly, with the right tools, you can lower the car, adjust the camber and toe with factory adjustments in under an hour.

    “The Fat Black Mike”

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