When Philly Chris bought his Luxury Abstract Stella’s, he did so with the intent of getting fender work done to fit them.  Due to the nature of being a busy shop owner along with Dreamakers being backed up with work, he had to hold off.  Now that all the show season is done with, Chris is ready to go in for a make over.  He just dropped the car off.  Stay tuned for updates.



10 responses to “LIBERTY GARAGE: 039

    • There ok!!! I chk’d out some of the cars built by them and the bodywork & metal is hit or miss..As a professional combo man(bodyman/painter) there’s things I see that most others wouldn’t pay attention too

      • Most of the cars, they only did the quarters and the rest of the cars were done somewhere else before that. All the cars they did full resprays on came out sick and most importantly, they can all roll tucking wheel with 0 psi front to back

    • Some value being low better than being flush. At drive height it is flush. If you have to drive 4×4 to park flush, thats a fail to some people. You can park 4×4 and be flush this way =win

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