LIBERTY GARAGE: 039 Continued

A few updates back, we showed you that Chris was looking to modify a from lip from another car to fit his bumper.  Chris and Nate from Dreamakers Kustoms came to the conclusion that sectioning the sides and molding them would be the best way to go about it.  This way the bumper does not hang too low as he is not modifying the side skirts this time around.

The picture above is in the very early raw stages but you can get a feel for what it is going to look like once sanded to shape.  With the new wider front and rear fenders, the car is going to look like a beefier stock model like the BMW M’s and Audi RS’.  People are going to be mislead thinking the “S” version comes this way.  Stay tuned to see more updates.


Happy Birthday BK

Today Brendan would have turned 26 years old.  Happy birthday from Heaven

His brother Davin now has the car.  He looks to join our club and keep his bro’s memory alive.  This means you can expect to see his car at shows throughout the year like B would have wanted.  All the remaining stickers/shirts are going to him.

We will keep your memory alive my friend.




Winter Mode Allstars: Ruben M45 Y50

You west coast guys think of snow as the magical white powder only seen in Christmas movies, that falls from the sky.  We view the matter a little bit differently.  The salt used to melt it, is very harsh on our wheels.  Because just about all of the crew on the north east daily drives their cars, they take their wheels off to preserve them for the other 9-10 months of the year.  That doesnt mean we can’t look good when we are in winter-mode.

M45 equipped with 19″ 370Z wheels.

Ruban slapped on his winter wheels a little earlier than most.  The reason being that he just sold his Weds Kranze Vishunu’s.  His previous set of wheels were 20″, these are 19’s.  He loves the look and is contemplating going with 19″ for his next set.  What do you guys think, 19’s or 20’s?


LIBERTY GARAGE: 007 Continued

Chris just started “Motivational Mondays”, I might as well start “teaser Tuesdays”

Buying this light made me reconsider what I was doing with the car.  Its getting way too expensive and the money can be served on a new car.  That feeling wore off when I opened my shipment today.

Its no secret I wanted the new Bentley GT headlights since they came out.  They are freakin sick and the angle of them will make them a better fit on my car than my previous gen Bentley headlights.  I feel like the presibent had a strong influence on the design of the car.  If anyone asks if I am trying to make a “fake Bentley” I will proudly tell them Bentley tried making a fake Presibent =D

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Motivational Monday Premiere!

if any of you are like me, i love to see how the VIP godfathers in Japan are setting the bar with their builds! To help with some much needed inspiration and motivation, i have decided to make a dedicated post every Monday to showcase some of the builds i find on the Minkara blogs! so here it is folks!….

firstly all credits go to the owner of this blog: Page 18 Crown

for more pictures click read the rest…

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LIBERTY GARAGE: 039 Continued

Chris’ car is almost complete and its looking great.

 Nate at Dreamakers has been holding out some pics so the element of surprise is there when its complete.  Also so all his tricks are not given away.  You have to respect that since this is how they make their living.  You can give away the ingredients but not the recipe.  He has done enough of both already as they basically gave us almost the whole Liberty Garage section and we are just happy they give us any pics as many shops will not.

Stay tuned how this one shapes out.  ETA on the completion date is the end of this week.


Random Liberty Sightings: Obama Pardon’s “Liberty” The Turkey

Every year the US president picks a turkey to eat for Thanksgiving.  This year, he pardoned the bird (they are not going to kill it).  The turkey happened to be named Liberty.  Naturally when anything liberty related gets spotted, I get a few texts about it (even if it has nothing to do with the club).  Thanks Mel and John for the heads up.

Liberty, you are a lucky turkey.  You made our blog.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Stay safe.