New Addition: My Cadillac Deville

Since I can remember, I always wanted to do a Cadillac Deville or STS in vip style.  It is argued that the design cues from the 90’s and early 2000’s caddy’s inspired the Toyota Crown Majesta’s of that era.  in the mother land, Cadillac is very sought after because of this.


Someone in Japan would eventually do the STS, land on the cover of VIP style magazine and get a full feature in VIP CAR mag.  That silenced all the critics who are “platform nazi’s.” It goes to show that the right vehicle, regardless of its birthplace, can pull off the style better than some of its Asian counterparts.

Platforms should be used as a basis to what is accepted (big body luxury sedans) but should not be the end to which cars you use.  A great thing about our crew is that we were formed with an open-minded attitude towards the makes/models we allow in.  The results of our willingness to expand the scene is why you see Jaguars, Benz’s, BMW’s, Audi’s and now a Cadillac.  There is no name that can be more fitting than “Liberty vip.”  I have to say that if the origin is not Japanese, we do require the car to be a big body (sclass, CL, XJ A8L, 750LI, etc).  This is so we do not become too diluted to where it becomes an anything-goes, type of club.

It would be a shame to be called Liberty vip and not have an american vip build so let me be the first and introduce you to my 01 Deville.

Now let’s get it to look something like this by the Summer.


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