Update: Nax’s LS430

A Nax post is long over due.

He has been holding us down in St. Lauderdale Florida with one of the cleaner LS430’s out.  A few weeks ago, he sold his vip modular wheels and looks to start a new chapter for his ride.  2011 seemed like non stop modding and from the sounds of it, 2012 involves some crazy plans that will make 11″ seem like nothing was going on.  The warmup suit is about to come off (no homo)  Be on the look out here for the transformation.  Here are some pics he emailed us a while back.

There are so many little details around the car that give this UCF30 its own character.  The badge-less grill, blacked out bumper mouth, fender winker light (vs. the typical led mirrors) and unique retro fit make this one of a kind.

He said the other day that he has a bad imagination.  I can’t tell.

I was never a big fan of this wheel but they looked perfect on Nax’ LS430.  I can’t wait to see what he gets next.

2 cuts in the eye brow

This was not staged.  It just happens when you are apart of the crew.


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