Random Liberty Sightings: Obama Pardon’s “Liberty” The Turkey

Every year the US president picks a turkey to eat for Thanksgiving.  This year, he pardoned the bird (they are not going to kill it).  The turkey happened to be named Liberty.  Naturally when anything liberty related gets spotted, I get a few texts about it (even if it has nothing to do with the club).  Thanks Mel and John for the heads up.

Liberty, you are a lucky turkey.  You made our blog.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Stay safe.


Japan Spotlight: Demon Camber

firstly all credits go to the owner of this blog: I ❤ car with lowered body

i just wanted to share some very motivational pictures i found online! DALE!

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New Official Member: Johnny (Funky Harrier)

Yes folks, the LIBERTY VIP west coast chapter has yet another full fledged, LIBERTY plate carrying, member! Actually, he has been a active member of the LIBERTY forums for over a year now and has been a dedicated car enthusiast since who knows when! Johnny currently owns a freshly bagged and fitted 1998 Lexus LS (Celsior), which has shared team displays with Kevin and I a few times this year already! How do we know what Johnny is about? Well his previous build is a Lexus RX300 (Harrier), which has won quite a few trophies indluding “Best VIP”. If you are ever in Socal keep an eye out for this monster breaking necks everywhere it goes! DALE!

for more pictures click read the rest…

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