LIBERTY GARAGE: 007 Continued

Chris just started “Motivational Mondays”, I might as well start “teaser Tuesdays”

Buying this light made me reconsider what I was doing with the car.  Its getting way too expensive and the money can be served on a new car.  That feeling wore off when I opened my shipment today.

Its no secret I wanted the new Bentley GT headlights since they came out.  They are freakin sick and the angle of them will make them a better fit on my car than my previous gen Bentley headlights.  I feel like the presibent had a strong influence on the design of the car.  If anyone asks if I am trying to make a “fake Bentley” I will proudly tell them Bentley tried making a fake Presibent =D

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Motivational Monday Premiere!

if any of you are like me, i love to see how the VIP godfathers in Japan are setting the bar with their builds! To help with some much needed inspiration and motivation, i have decided to make a dedicated post every Monday to showcase some of the builds i find on the Minkara blogs! so here it is folks!….

firstly all credits go to the owner of this blog: Page 18 Crown

for more pictures click read the rest…

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