Happy Birthday BK

Today Brendan would have turned 26 years old.  Happy birthday from Heaven

His brother Davin now has the car.  He looks to join our club and keep his bro’s memory alive.  This means you can expect to see his car at shows throughout the year like B would have wanted.  All the remaining stickers/shirts are going to him.

We will keep your memory alive my friend.




Winter Mode Allstars: Ruben M45 Y50

You west coast guys think of snow as the magical white powder only seen in Christmas movies, that falls from the sky.  We view the matter a little bit differently.  The salt used to melt it, is very harsh on our wheels.  Because just about all of the crew on the north east daily drives their cars, they take their wheels off to preserve them for the other 9-10 months of the year.  That doesnt mean we can’t look good when we are in winter-mode.

M45 equipped with 19″ 370Z wheels.

Ruban slapped on his winter wheels a little earlier than most.  The reason being that he just sold his Weds Kranze Vishunu’s.  His previous set of wheels were 20″, these are 19’s.  He loves the look and is contemplating going with 19″ for his next set.  What do you guys think, 19’s or 20’s?