LIBERTY GARAGE: 007 Continued

When I went to the shop with the new Bentley headlight, I just had to do a mock up.  Matt held up the light for me.  He said “Hey I was the same douche to hold up the Maybach tails.”  Matt, people are going to think you own the car in internet land.

You get a feel for how sick this is going to be.  It also justifies my claim to Bentley copying my design.  I can’t be too mad as these new lights will make the car.  They are also angled correctly (my old bentley lights were aimed towards the sky).  Thanks Bentley.  You guys still owe me Royalties though.

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LIBERTY GARAGE: 039 Continued

I was originally planning to head up to Dreamakers on Saturday but after hearing news that a cousin’s wedding is that date (I have a million cousins), I decided to go yesterday to drop off some stuff and more importantly, see Chris’ car.  So I get into the shop discussing plans with Nate while back peddling.  I then turn around and see a wide and low white car from 20 feet away and my reaction was a long “ohhhhhhh” as my jaw dropped.  This was before I knew what I was looking at since the bumper/grill was not on.  The presence that Chris’ car now possesses is crazy.  The car undoubtably earned the ability to “shut it down.”  Definitly look out for this car in 2012.

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