LIBERTY GARAGE: 039 Continued

I was originally planning to head up to Dreamakers on Saturday but after hearing news that a cousin’s wedding is that date (I have a million cousins), I decided to go yesterday to drop off some stuff and more importantly, see Chris’ car.  So I get into the shop discussing plans with Nate while back peddling.  I then turn around and see a wide and low white car from 20 feet away and my reaction was a long “ohhhhhhh” as my jaw dropped.  This was before I knew what I was looking at since the bumper/grill was not on.  The presence that Chris’ car now possesses is crazy.  The car undoubtably earned the ability to “shut it down.”  Definitly look out for this car in 2012.


Dreamakers did a great job.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the front bumper.  Partly because I was looking at it head on in an angle like I will never be able to when its on the car.  I do think once one the vehicle, it will look a lot better.  Nate hates it and didn’t even want to put it on there.  Hey, at least he’s honest.  I wouldn’t go that far though.  Lets hold judgement until the bumper is painted.

Wheels: Luxury Abstract Stella

Chris previously worked on his quarters and mangled them.  It took a lot of work to salvage them back without cutting and adding metal.  Because of this, they did not do the drop edge.  Also, he felt without flaring out the door, it just wouldn’t work too well without adding metal.  Keeping the lines natural is what Chris wanted and most importantly, the ability to ride dumpt.  The body line how ever, is consistant front to back so it does flow.

You really have to see it in person.  I got to watch it roll around the shop at the parked height and it was pretty impressive in motion as well as parked.

Should be done soon.




2 responses to “LIBERTY GARAGE: 039 Continued

  1. This car is a Problem… Fully built inside and Now OUT! OKEY!!!

    Another White Beast Shutting it DOWN…

    I guess I started the White POWER!!!

    My guess is that the Agi’s Q will come out the shop White… it’s partly white already due to all the dust… LOL

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