Dinner Meet 12/3/11

Heading into the winter, moral is always low.  Many members feel that they took away lots of time from their families during the car show/meet season and try to make it up to them in the winter.  Also, no one wants to hang outside with a hoodie and coat on while it snows.  Others use the time to take their cars apart and save up for new mods going into the next year.  Because of those reasons, the message forums are kind of quiet.  We feel that it is important to get everyone on the same page and give them things to look forward to heading into the offseason.

Tonight, we decided to have a little get together at Applebee’s.  Luckily we had a greater showing than we anticipated (lots of maybe’s heading into the night).  A bunch of OG’s were on hand including Rodney, Chris, Will, Ty, Max, Ruben and new comer Gee.  Overall, it was a great time and a productive meet.  We discussed the future of the crew, our added responsibilities as we expand, getting more people involved in more regions, and just doing more for the scene.  Liberty is more than a club, we are a movement.

2012 is going to be a great year for us.  We have some news coming shortly that will let more of you guys into our world.  Stay tuned