LIBERTY GARAGE: 039 Complete

Dreamakers has done it again.  Chris’ M35S is being delivered tomorrow.  All I can say is wow!

The exhaust tips were fitted better into the bumper as well.  The car looks great and is sure to be a fan favorite.  Good job guys. Continue reading

Motivational Monday!

here goes another episode of the Motivational Monday series! i hope everyone liked the first one last week (or rather today since i am actually putting this one together on the same day)! If atleast 1 person can find some inspiration from 1 picture, my mission will be accomplished!!

i am sure most hardcore MINKARA junkies like myself are familiar with this car! well it has undergone a recent wheel change! let us know what you think!

firstly all credits go to the owner of this blog: Looking blog to accompany

for more pictures click read the rest…

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