LIBERTY GARAGE: 039 Complete

Dreamakers has done it again.  Chris’ M35S is being delivered tomorrow.  All I can say is wow!

The exhaust tips were fitted better into the bumper as well.  The car looks great and is sure to be a fan favorite.  Good job guys.

Yes, it does roll with that fitment tucking by a business card of a margin.  Hardpark is not in their vocabulary, these cars can move around at slammed height in case a compressor was to blow.

Very AMG looking.

I hate to see her go but love to watch her leave.  Stay tuned for some quality pics (and probably a ton of other blog features both on this site and others)


9 responses to “LIBERTY GARAGE: 039 Complete

  1. I’m relocating to Watertown about an hour from where Dream Makers is. I cannot wait to go see the shop and see if they can think up anything crazy for my 04 LS430, loved what they did for Tommi’s!!!

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