Previously, I let you guys know I picked up the Caddy Deville as my project car.  No work has been done as of yet other than the addition of chrome stainless door handles.  I did order some cool stuff so figured I would start the liberty garage chapter for this build.

The 00-02 headlights (mine is a 01) and the 03-05 are very similar in appearance but do have one difference.  The 03-05 has one beam inside that acts as high and low where as the 00-02 has two.  I am looking to retrofit one projector and big shroud so the newer ones are more retro friendly for my project.  The projectors I am using are Bi-Xenon so even though there will be only one in there, it is both high and low beam

cool new Luxury Abstract projectors and shrouds I will be using. Continue reading