Full Feature: Max RL

Today we salute a triple OG in the scene.

One of the first completed vip style builds from New York city, isn’t that of a traditional platform.  It was an Acura fitted with Mode Parfume, that showed lots of people how to do the style correctly.  It also let people know that a FWD can pull it off as good if not better than its RWD counterparts.

At the time when people heard the term fitment out in the north east, most thought about clothes.  This guy was putting relatively low offset 9.5’s on a front wheel drive car which was then frowned upon.  Most multi-piece Japanese wheels were only seen on the internet like his SSR Vienna’s.  Having the car roll out to meets was like having a motivational speaker except it didn’t need to say one word.

The RL differs from most luxury sedans that accelerate with the wrong wheels.  As you may know, most of these popular brands only make kits for big body Lexus’ and Infiniti’s (and a few high-end Euro’s as well).  This car is one of the rare “accepted” non RWD Japanese vehicles that has support from traditional companies that cater to vip.  Mode Parfume, is one of the higher end body kit makers for Japanese sedans. From 2008 until now, Max still remains the only one in the states with this kit.  To most, it looks so clean that you would think the car came with it.  Matter of fact, most have no clue what the car is.  He may be the only RL on Airrunner’s as well.  If you know the guy, you know that he is all about quality.  That is very important especially when trying to conquer unheard of territory like he has.

With a unique ride like his, you would think that would be more than enough to stand apart from the rest.  Max is more concerned with keeping up with Japan vs. trying to outdo anyone over here.  They didn’t make LED winker mirrors for his car so he went out and custom fitted winkers from another make.  At the time, he was always looking for some way to spice up the ride.  The rear of his car looked too plain in his eyes so he added Porsche tips to compliment the kit.  He took the detail to another step further by flipping them and cutting the piping so they were not slanted the wrong way.  Little well-thought-out ideas like that really separates it from your typical build in that era.

Max’s Ac has quite some history in these neck of the woods.  The only problem (if you may call it one) is that much has not changed on it since he was breaking necks in Queens at HIN 08.

He admitted to thinking it is time for a refresh.  Let’s see what the man has in store for 012 and how far the “King Of KA9” takes it.


5 responses to “Full Feature: Max RL

  1. No questions about it… Max been killing it since 2007… He was one of my inspirations… Specially since he had an Acura…

    I solute triple OG Max… and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for next season… Oh man…

  2. werd I remember back in the days when Max showed me his air set up it was a wrap from there. I knew i had to bag the drop. True OG in the game.

  3. thats so dope! i took that rolling shot! i love this car i always see him on the parkway. i would love to do a full shoot of it if you guys are intrested, on the house!

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