LIBERTY GARAGE: 40 Continued

I am pretty set with what I want the Caddy to look like.  I just am working out details such as the body kit, grill and a few other things body related mods.  Suspension wise, I am going with UAS air suspension.  For wheels, I am going with the new Luxury Abstract Mador.  The 7 spoke wheel looks similar to the stock 7 spoke wheels that are on there now.  I want to keep the luxury feel and look and feel that this is the right wheel.  

Justin Boyle was kind enough to do a photoshop for me with the car dumpt and wheels on done to scale size.  What do you guys think?  The wheels will be 22″ but I am not sure if I want to do step lip or reverse and if I want to do the bridges in the wheel color matched.  Should be ordering around new years.

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