Hall of Fame 2011: Rob/Bobby “PhillyGS”

At Black 2, we announced the 2011 Liberty Hall of Fame members who helped pave the way for what we are today.  This one was a no brainer.  Philly was chosen to accept one of the awards.

 He should have been chosen last year.  There are many rumors on how our crew got started but let me tell the true story that less than a handful of members can relate to.

Rob created the name “Liberty VIP” in 2008.  It wasn’t a car club at the time.  He was not allowed in another crew in the area catering to the style for various questionable and unknown reasons.  Philly protested by creating a Liberty VIP plate and placing it on his dash.  A year later, various disgruntled members of the other club (which included me) began questioning moves and decisions in their own crew and contemplated leaving.  Philly not being allowed in was one of the big issues we had.  If the goal was to create a scene, enthusiastic members with nice cars should not be left out.  We thought about what name we would use for the new club that we were in the verge of creating.  Finally, we decided that since (at the time) all the members were from NY, we would keep the name Rob made and make Liberty vip an actual car crew.  Overnight, Liberty went from one member to 7.  Whats funny was that he wasn’t really in the loop since I didn’t know him personally.  I texted him saying, we got a forum up with a bunch of members and we wanted to keep the name he made up and build it.  From there the numbers kept multiplying as we expanded all across north America and other parts of the world.  Liberty was what we were all after.  3 years later, we are still the laid back drama free club that we officially formed in 09.  A good reason for that is the helpful friendly attitudes of members like our founder, Rob.

Even if the car was stock, he would be an automatic lock for Hall of Fame honors due to the history of the crew but his GS is far from that. He was the first official wheel whore in the north-east vip scene and all his wheels were brand new, not old and beat up.  He had Work Eurolines, Leon Hardiritt Beils, Kartier Forged and now finally Sieken Cup NKB’s.  This was all in a span of about 16 months and many envied him for that.  He took it further when he had the body pulled out to extreme proportions.  The car was shutting down every lot, show, meet it touched because of how aggressive but clean it was.  The car is like a UFO to most.

 While he may never win any trophies for best vip or best lexus, the car no doubt gets the most looks.  This is especially true on the highway as he rides lower than most park on air.  If you met the guy, he is always willing to help with an install or give pointers from his personal experiences.  We wouldn’t be the crew that we are without him.  While the award was given as a surprise at Black 2, it was nothing shocking to anyone who knows him.


19 responses to “Hall of Fame 2011: Rob/Bobby “PhillyGS”

  1. great award for a very nice guy, gave me alot of pointers and the right things to do with my air ride. you gave it to the right person liberty he deserves this 100%

  2. Amen Rob definition of helpful, a great example is random untitled text messages I send him and always get a prompt reply, thanks for being real. Well deserved

  3. Bobby and I go way back as far as mid 2007 when my car was still on 19″ varianza’s with the stock suspension having “NELOC” meets in the Ikea parking lot. He has always been that dude putting others before himself. I really do have great respect for this guy and was honored when he gave me a call and asked me to to join Liberty. He should really get this award every year lol.

  4. Damn, I dont even know how to respond to that. It’s been a great ride these past 3 years forreal I consider you guys family. But I have to say we wouldnt be shit, Everyone in this club has there place. It’s like a motor and its parts, you need every part for the motor to run. But big shout out to my man AGI, his blood pumps Liberty. Thanks fellas

  5. I only had the pleasure of meeting you a handful of times rob , but whenever we meet, it’s like rekindling old times and starring where we left off
    You are the foundation that we built this empire on
    Well deserved my friend,

  6. Rob is the man, him and NY Chris helped me get my grill for the Lexus by meeting the seller at a car show and giving him the money and bringing the grill home to me! Very cool and trustworthy guys!! Rob is always helping other people with their cars – one of the times I saw him, he was helping install MrPham’s airbags.

    I still owe you that picture of your car, soon as I find which hard drive it’s on.
    I’m going to put air bags on the Supra in the spring, help me please!!

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