Liberty Garage: 040 Continued

The first stage in building a car is the planning.  When you have lots of different off the shelf parts to chose from, that can be somewhat of a challenge.  When there is nothing available at all, it takes intense brain storming.  Being that there is no after-market upgrades for this car besides grill’s and chrome trim, this stage took a lot more hair pulling and sleepless nights planning for my Deville.  Building a car with no support should be influential to those facing similar challenges with the vehicle they love.

I was originally planning to go with an old school vip feel due to the shape and size of the car (Junction Produce, Admiration, Fabulous, etc.).  While I respect that look it is just not what I want to drive around in 2012.  I am going in a modern vip direction (luxury sport) cause that is what interests me the most.  It is a lot harder to pull off especially with this type of car.  I get bored quick so big challenges keep me going like making an old mans pimp car into an aggressive sporty JDM vip style car with no parts readily available.

I’ll show you some of the ingredients but I can’t give you the whole recipe.  You just have to wait and see all of that.  I will say that I picked up 3 bumpers and I need 2 more before it goes to the shop.  Lots of cutting and sectioning involved in what I like to think of my JDM vip style Caddy build.  When it’s all said and done, the bumpers will have their own identity and I may produce them if there is interest.

This gives you a little idea of how aggressive this thing is going to look over the OEM.  Keep in mind this is just a mock-up and not positioned where it will be on the finished version.

Stock Caddy bumpers are super high.  I guess because they are built to carry lots of people and ride like boats (can’t be smashing bumpers on every dip in the road).  The front and rear should hang about 3-4″ lower than stock.  Considering how small the factory parts are, that is not bad at all.  The car will make 22’s look like 19’s on its Japanese counter parts.  The look I am going for the rocker panels is still undecided.  I will have to do some more measuring and visualizing.

Got my new lights in last week.  Picture them with no orange, some LED work and a nice Luxury Abstract Bi-Xenon projectors in there.

Stay tuned.  I plan to get started with suspension, headlights and some other stuff, before the wheels get in.


9 responses to “Liberty Garage: 040 Continued

  1. Its going to look good with that kit on it and yes it is tough trying to find aftermarket parts for a cadillac. I have a dts and have been looking to make it more sporty, but dont have the right materials and right now its just a clean silver dts will rims. Eye catching but not over done. Looking forward to seeing this build when its complete.

    • Thanks. I was considering getting the DTS front and rear clips and doing the conversion since its the same chassis and the sides are the same. I like the DTS front much better but actually like the tails on my model over the newer ones. Once work begins, I will post on some cadillac forums as well. Thanks for viewing.

  2. Looking back its kinds kind of funny bc BK always wanted me to join your vip club bc he got some much feed back from all you guy that that are vip members and he said that before he pasted that no one has a cadillac and from the looks of it you are doing it real big i want to add my dts to your classics and make my ride vip status just in memory of BK. He has also taught me to say classy and to hlep out others and he has done the some to the vip name he is my insperation to join the club eventually but looking at the mods and looks of this car i cant compare i would like the the desire to do so… are an inspiratial to the car word and i love your work thanks you guys are the best and look forward to meeting you

    • Thanks. Sign up to our message forum we will help lead you in the right direction. As for BK, we will keep his memory alive through the cars like he would have wanted

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