* Accomplishment* Liberty feature in SLC Magazine

The trip to Canada during hurricane Irene was a great success.  The crew left  a good impression on many including this new up and coming mag.  SLC magazine in Canada did a feature on the guys that were up there.  Letscongratulate Mike, Brett, Yudi, Aidan and J (no longer with us).


Seeing your car in print is a great feeling.  For those who drove over 8-10 hours to get north of the boarder, this makes the trip even more rewarding.  Keep it up.


Update: Ruben’s M45 wheel test fit

Not too long ago, you seen Rubens wheels for sale.  He is set on two wheels, the Luxury Abstract Grassor and the Grassor-C.  There are differences other than one being concave and the other not which is why it wasn’t a clear cut choice for him.  On this freezing cold day, we met up and did a few test fits at a half way point.  Rubens Jack will never be the same lol.

Check out a quick test fit we did with the Grassor.  You will have to wait and see what he ends up with, the size and options he chooses.

Shown in 19″ step.  They look tiny due to there being no tire and the car being on a jack.  I can’t wait to see what he decides on.