For Sale: FatMike’s W215 CL500

It seems like this blog is turning to Craigslist for vip cars and parts lol.

We showed you Fat Mike’s new toy, his CLK Black Series.  If you are all wondering what he is going to do with his CL, here is your answer.  Mike is selling his car and it is open for bidding on ebay.  For anyone who did not see this car in person, it is mint.  

It has a brownish metallic flake to it in the sun.  Reading his ebay add, that actually was a rare factory option that came together in a package which included the saddle leather interior ($11,000 package).

Fender work was done in the rear to fit the specs on his d2 Forged wheels.  He has a wald lip up front, Carlsson rear lip as well as an Anceltion hood spoiler (only one in the states)   Overall, it has to be the cleanest (or one of) CL500 w215 in the states

Ebay add here

If the reserve is not met, it will be re-listed so check back.  Being that it is a 04, banks will give you a loan if needed to finance.


8 responses to “For Sale: FatMike’s W215 CL500

  1. This thing is Mint… Who ever buys it is going to be a very happy… Mike really babied this ride…

    Good Luck with the sale…

  2. Tell mike to wait till spring to sell when people will be looking and can actually drive the car. Or maybe he’s just thinking about tax return season.

  3. Thing is epic to say the least. Shouldn’t be on the market for long. Just hope whoever it goes to can appreciate all the hard work that’s gone into it over the years.

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