Video: Ty’s Final Run with the GS (or was it?)

For those who are on the message forums, you all know that Ty was selling his GS.  He actually had a buyer ready and decided to take the car out for one last run before he singed the paper work to surrender the car. It just happened to be the warmest winter day that we had in about a century so Will and Mario decided to head over to the beach.  The day was perfect.  Needless to say, his final run with the car ended up being anything but.  He decided to keep the car.  Check out the video our friend Mario did that finalized his decision to keep her

video credit: Revhartvideos


11 responses to “Video: Ty’s Final Run with the GS (or was it?)

  1. such a legend to the game. every competition every car show you enter you know you have the best all around car. im glad u are keeping her. your car is my motivation. good luck.

    • The video guy did his own thing and put that for what ever reason. Plus just the front bumper is replica everything else was bought new and authentic the second time around after it was damaged. He even did the rear bumper over completely twice

    • Dutch hater!! Take da fahsha awaaaay!

      On the real though…yes, but only his front lip is a replica and I make sure people don’t forget I know that (just ask J before his build when full legit ballistic). But to say something like that for the hell of it on a public blog? Rise above man…

    • May I ask why that makes a difference? If a part isn’t the particular brand that it some how detracts from the over-all value of the vehicle? What if who he bought it from does it better? If I were the judge it wouldn’t make any difference to me.

      The reality is both of those cars are good examples and should be exonerated as such.

  2. Dopest and most complete GS and SC Build Stateside…. I’m happy that Ty is keeping it…

    The “focus” is going to be eliminated in a few months… What are “they” going to “focus” on next??? We will see when the time comes… LOL

  3. glad youre keeping the car as it seems it was the right decision for you. since youre getting back into it, a leather dash will really tie the interior together imo!

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