Tuck or Flush? Both

New comer Andrew from Long Island Detailers met up with Chris to detail his GS.  I say he did a good job

In this scene, being low is the most important aspect in the modding of your luxury sedan.  The lower the better.  If you are on air suspension, the goal should be to park on the ground or as close to it with the ride height being flush.  Which look do you prefer, tucked look or flush to the fenders?  I think it varies on the car, mods, wheels, etc. 

Perfect body work + wheel calculations= best of both worlds.  You will see Chris parking flush at some shows and tucking at others depending on his mood.  On this car, I like the tucked look better but flush is always sick.


6 responses to “Tuck or Flush? Both

  1. Whichever is lowest is my preference. Flush and slammed when parked means a higher ride height though (radius).
    Chris has is right IMHO. Ride low and flush and park tucked (optional).

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