Update: Don LS400 UCF20

It’s been a while since we last left you off with what Don of Dreamakers Kustoms, was up to with his Lexus LS400 UCF20 after MC (minor change).

The front and rear fender work and fitment is right about done, just needs a light coat of filler and paint.  You can expect some more surprises in this build but it won’t be done any time soon.  He has been really busy with his new career.  More on that below.

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The Road to VIP

Today we display a double dose of driving damage.

Martin has always taken a lot of pride in driving low so it’s no surprise he’s proud to show off the hole he drug through the exhaust of his 2GS.

Rodney managed to snap his end link clean off.

“The Cross Bronx has finally made me pay after years of me eating it up (no homo?)…” is all he had to say as he continued down the road to VIP.


Liberty Garage: 014 (Continued)

The blueprint (or at least some of it) for Tommie’s UCF30 has been released to a select few and I think I speak for all of us when I say this is Liberty’s most anticipated build of the year.

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Photoshoot Spotlight: 005 Smitty/M45

4/18/10 – Washington D.C.

The secret service had a little scare today when a vehicle, suspected to be part of a terrorist bombing, was found parked outside of the White House. It was later discovered to be Liberty VIP member Smitty’s Y50 M45.

“The s**t was ill son!” said one agent.

No charges have been filed at this time.

Pic Credit: High Grade Digital Heaven

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