Accomplishment: LIBERTY in March ’11 SuperStreet

It was brought to our attention that LIBERTY VIP was pictured in the March 2011 issue of Super Street magazine.  This was in the CaniBeat “First Class Fitment” car show.  Props to them and the magazine for showing love giving us the biggest pic in the spread.

This is special because its our first team shot in a magazine and we had many of our heavy hitters on hand (some in which sold their cars since).  Hopefully we can continue to get love from the media in 2011.


Accomplishment: Brett Pictured in PAS Spring 2011 issue

Brett from Canada just brought to our attention that his car was pictured in the Spring 2011 issue of Performance Auto and Sound magazine.  It was under the Reader’s Choice Spring 2011 issue (page 32).

He had no clue that his car was going to be in the mag.  That had to have been a pleasant surprise.

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Accomplishment: “BLACK” Featured in January 2011 Import Tuner Magazine

I just discovered that event coverage for “BLACK” was featured in the January 2011 issue of Import Tuner.  I have to give a huge shout out to Somya Siva and Brian Chin for the coverage.  Also a sincere thank you to every single person who was in attendance.  Lets congratulate the Liberty VIP members who were featured in the article.  All of our original BAUWSS’ got love in the pics,  Philly, Chris, Tommi and Rodney.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.

On the Top Row: Chris Black 2GS, Ron custom interior on his black 3GS

Middle Row: Tommi Black LS430, Rodney White TL

Last Row: Will White SC430, Philly Silver 2GS

(Click on pics to make them bigger)

Without the crew showing up with their sick cars, it couldn’t have happened.  Expect BLACK II to be even better.  News on the date and location will be coming before the New Years.


2 Members Get Married (not to each other lol)

Over the past two weeks, a couple of our members have gotten married (to women).  Max with the black Mode Parfume RL and Joe “Burgy” with the black Y33 Q45.  Congratulations guys and good luck.

Max’s Airrunner Mode Parfume RL KA9

Burgy’s Q45 Y33 (no exterior shots yet)

This is the 3rd marriage in the last 30 days (Chris “20sBurning”).  Now that they all have the stress of the wedding off of their backs, hopefully they can get back to the scene in full force.  When the wives start to nag, we will be here for you guys.



We finally did it, we reached 100,000 views and we got here a lot sooner than expected.  It has been a personal milestone of mine that I put in back of my mind keeping me motivated to post daily.  Although the views don’t mean much, it shows that people are logging in every day to see what we are up to.

For what this page is, the view count is pretty impressive.  It is not a message forum or a blog leading to a message forum.  It is not a blog high-lighting random cars or even the entire VIP scene.  This is not a store either.  It’s a page for a car crew in a small scene.  Looking at the bigger picture, this shows people the potential that this style has.  As true hardcore enthusiasts, keeping the scene true is important to us.  If VIP style does blow up and the media waters it down like they do every scene, you know we will still be here keeping it hardcore.

I have to thank; all of our viewers for checking in daily, those who leave feedback in the comments, other blog sites for showing us love by linking us,  the photographers for supplying us with pics, and most importantly, our members for documenting their journeys along the way.

Don’t think this means we are going to stop now.  We will continue to supply you guys with the heat from the fastest growing, largest, most diverse VIP club in North America.  Thanks guys!



Chris “20sBurning” Gets Married

Let’s congratulate Chris from Tennessee for officially getting married.  Hopefully this does not put an end to his car modding like it has done to so many people I know.  Good luck and enjoy your Honey Moon.

This picture made my day


King TY for Underboss

Ty has been representing us to the fullest by attending all of our meets/shows and getting there early with the presentation of his ride always on point.  He is also a real stand up guy who will go out of his way to help.  His car and attitude represent what we are about.  With his uncanny ability to attract a large variety of women to his ride, we decided to move him up in our rankings.

  He is next in line to be a BAUWSS!  With that said, he has the authority to approve new members and lead the crew when ever he feels the need to take charge.  He also can make you go to the store for him at any given moment.  JK