Its time to say farewell fellas.   I came in very positive and just want to leave on a good note.  I met some cool people along the way.  I think I made about every mistake you can ever make in building a car but I had a lot of positive feedback with the end result.  I hope that I made an imprint to inspire others.  I’d like to thank my extended family in Hawaii.  I’d like to thank LIBERTY VIP for pushing the envelope and trying new things. Collectively as group if we put just as much heart and effort into the behind side “NO HOMO” of being a crew, that we put into our cars, we would certainly be on a quest for world domination with no hate involved.  You live, you learn, you move on.  I strongly support LIBERTY VIP “the movement”. Continue reading

Day in the Life: Final Clean Before Importfest Setup

Here is a small video Aidan took while we finished cleaning the cars (well most of us……..Kingpin) and waited for the doors to be opened.  This will give you something else to hold you over until more coverage is released.  You can see in the video how well lit the area was for rolling in and taking some shots.  Sorry for the shakiness of the video, it was shot with a cell phone HD cam while walking.

Stay tuned for more footage from our new friends at Stance Is Everything, Stretch & Poke, Auto Blog, SLC Magazine and a video from In Tuned Online.

Chris & Jermaine Tearing Up The Streets

This past weekend, we did a little driving footage.  Jermaine who makes these videos is now a blogger on here as well so you will see them as they are released


A Day In The Life Of Liberty Vip Episode 4

Check out the newest episode from your favorite reality show “Day in The Life Of Liberty VIP”

We are on episode 4 right now.  At the end of the year, we will combine them and add more footage.

Check out the new look on Chris’ GS.

Video Credit: Jermaine 33Flavors