New Mystery Member

We have a new member who has been a friend of most of the north-east crew for the past few years.  He as well as his car would of been allowed in a while back had he asked sooner.  Turns out, he didn’t feel he was ready.

JP Scara’s never looked so good.  He recently had them redone to a mirror like polish finish.  Right now, he is in the process of getting his car a little lower before he officially debuts it on here.  Can you take a guess who this is?


Debut: Hector Fabulous LS430

Lets introduce you guys to our newest member Hector from Honolulu, Hawaii.  The car is a 2001 Lexus LS430, Black Cherry Pearl, Fabulous Body kit and spoiler, Airrunner air suspension, Weds Maverick wheels and much more.

Jermaine and Albert from Hawaii recruited him and felt that he would make a good fit in our club.  We hope to see more from Hector and are glad to have him and his car apart of the Liberty VIP family.


Debut: Brandon LS400 UCF20 After

I didn’t plan it this way but this is the third straight post with a different black Lexus ucf20 LS400 After MC (98-00 model).  I might as well add Don with his black LS400 in the mix and post updates on his car tomorrow.

Let me introduce you to one of our newest members Brandon from MA.  Not to be confused with Brendan from MA with the silver Q45 F50.

Brandon just installed his air suspension today and is on the way to adding another sick VIP ride to the New England area.  He has a set of multi piece Japanese wheels ready to go on there soon.  We first met him at “B L A C K”, our VIP car show that we held on July 17th.  From there, he bought an air suspension from me and showed up in a Jeep Liberty.  We laughed about it and then he went on to add that the company he works for has “Liberty” in its name.  Talk about coincidence.


Debut: Mark Y34 M45

Out in the east coast, the VIP scene has almost been non-existent from 05-09.  There were only a few guys doing it during that time period and some of them left the game completely.  It almost felt like there was no hope in it ever catching on in this side of the country.  One of the first guys to do it out here was Mark with his silver Y34.  The car was decked out in Junction Produce everything when people still thought that was the name of a fruit and vegetable store.  The car went through many make overs during that time period but it is no longer has his main focus since he also has a Lexus 3GS.  It continues to hold its own since there are very little Y34’s out there let alone fully modified versions of the first generation M45.

When ever we have a major car meet or BBQ, he is there with one of his VIP cars showing support.  Out of respect for the scene and hopes of it strengthening in our region, we extended an invite to our seasoned vet and he accepted.  Welcome aboard.

Here is Mark’s Y34 M45.

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Debut: Olek 740IL E38

Olek from Boston MA and is really big on the euro scene.  I originally met Olek when he had a 5 series BMW back in 08 at HIN (but was too drunk to remember much).   He recently got a E38 7series which he looks to continue to modify.  Since the Euro style and VIP has its similarities, when styling a big body luxury euro car accordingly, it can pass for VIP style.  Personally, I think the car is very fitting from the size of it to the status of it being the flagship BMW model in its era.  He has the stance and fitment down and is doing so on coilovers.

He is showing our scene as well as our team lots of love by repping our flag and coming down to support our show.  I am proud to introduce you to his ride.

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Debut: Chris “20sBurning” LS400 UCF20

Chris has expressed interest in joining the crew for quite some time.  We finally got the Knoxville TN, native on board and are proud to show off his LS400 UCF20

Don’t get too comfortable with the appearance of this beauty.  Chris has some plans to change it up soon.  We hope to see him make the  trip up to “Black” on July 17th