Full Feature: Max RL

Today we salute a triple OG in the scene.

One of the first completed vip style builds from New York city, isn’t that of a traditional platform.  It was an Acura fitted with Mode Parfume, that showed lots of people how to do the style correctly.  It also let people know that a FWD can pull it off as good if not better than its RWD counterparts.

At the time when people heard the term fitment out in the north east, most thought about clothes.  This guy was putting relatively low offset 9.5’s on a front wheel drive car which was then frowned upon.  Most multi-piece Japanese wheels were only seen on the internet like his SSR Vienna’s.  Having the car roll out to meets was like having a motivational speaker except it didn’t need to say one word.

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Full Feature: Chris/2GS “Lower Than A Dark Cesar”

Lower than a Dark Cesar

Chris out of Elmhurst NY just drove out of Dreamakers Kustoms in a Hearse, he’s killing it!  You might want to go ahead and add this to your list of favorite GS’ states-side as this one looks like it can be featured in a Japanese VIP magazine.

Pic Credits: Jermaine “33Flavors”

His GS430 consists of body work along with custom touches, all around the vehicle.  Every corner was pulled out to accommodate his aggressive new Luxury Continue reading

Full Feature: Rodney

T-XL aka Leche

Liberty VIP member Rodney from the Bronx NY, has defined convention by choosing to start a VIP inspired build with a much smaller luxury car.  A fitting name for the owner of this 2006 Acura TL would have been David.  He went against Goliath’s and not only did he hold his ground, he parked right on it and did so from 100 feet away with his Airrunner air suspension wireless controller.  “I love the big body Lexus and Infiniti’s but I wanted to be the first to execute correctly on the smaller TL.” said the giant killer.  What truly made this an amazing build was the fact that the car is a FWD vehicle.  RWD  cars are typically used to execute the look partly due to the fact that they can take some deep dish wheels with minimal work. Continue reading