RIP Brendan Kennedy “King of F50”

Today, we suffered our biggest loss ever.  Brendan Kennedy passed away from a motor cycle accident.  Some may know him as “Qfour5.”  He was a very good friend of mine.  When I heard the news, I was driving and too chocked up to say much and almost crashed.  For those that didn’t know Brendan, he was the most humble guy you could ever meet.  He never wanted to be the “star” but just a contributing team player.  No matter what, he was always down to help.  At our last BBQ in Staten Island NY, he drove down 4 hours from Plymouth MA, took control of the BBQ grill and didn’t ask for a break.  That’s a huge responsibility when you are feeding 120 people on one of the sunniest days of the year.

He was always open to opinions and never got offended.  Brendan was so respectful and always looked to give credit elseware even when he was the one who put in his money into everything.   Continue reading

Gone But Not Forgotten: 20sBurning’s LS400

This last Friday, I received some bad news from Chris out in TN “20sBurning.”  The car was left outside during a hail storm.

The hood, roof, trunk, mirrors, headlights, fenders and quarter panels were all damaged.

Imagine what this would do to your car falling from the sky non stop for over half an hour.

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RIP Fabian McCallum

Last week, a friend of the crew had passed away.  Fabian McCallum who was only 25 years old, had his life taken from him in a car wreck.  For anyone that didn’t know him, Fabian was a good kid.  He was always in a good mood, cracking jokes all day and had a positive attitude.  He was a huge vip car enthusiast.  More times than not, he would have the newest Japanese vip mag in his hand when I would run into him.  He would talk about his plans for his LS400 UCF20 and it was finally starting to come together.

Today, his long time friend James from Mobile Addictions as well as a few others close to him, celebrate the life of  Fabian McCallum at the

Blackdog Bar

382 Forest Avenue

Staten Island, NY

Stop by and show your love for a life that was taken too early.  A $10 donation accepted at the door will be given to the McCallum family.

RIP Fabian