Hall of Fame: 2011 Inductee 2 of 3: Rodney/Leche TL

At BLACK 2, we inducted 3 members for the 2011 Liberty VIP Hall of Fame.  The second inductee was Rodney.  He currently drives a Mercedes-Benz R350 wagon but he is most famously known for his Acura TL also referred to on the streets as “Leche.”

In 09, it was the first vip inspired TL out there and really made waves in the east coast.   Continue reading

Hall of Fame 2011: Rob/Bobby “PhillyGS”

At Black 2, we announced the 2011 Liberty Hall of Fame members who helped pave the way for what we are today.  This one was a no brainer.  Philly was chosen to accept one of the awards.

 He should have been chosen last year.  There are many rumors on how our crew got started but let me tell the true story that less than a handful of members can relate to.

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Hall of Fame 2010: Agi “WidebodyQ”

We see a lot of people in our crew doing great work and some always trying to lend a helping hand to make this team a better place to be and something to be proud of.  We all come from different walks of life, drive many different types of cars…we even come from different places across the globe.  But there’s always those people that are the cement to our foundation.  Enter…The Liberty Hall of Fame award.

To start this off, we’re doing something special.  We’re actually going to honor someone for 2010 Hall of famer…who also happens to be our January 2011 recipient.  I received many votes of praise for one individual.  Agim, AGI, or as some females know him..”Agim Jones”.

Agi at Black
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