Iced Out: The General’s Trunk 2012 Edition

Will, fresh off of his RIDES magazine feature, could of easily settled with the look of his SC430.  In the last year, he put in over time to get the exterior, interior and trunk put together.  You would think this year would be the time he just sits back and enjoys the ride.  Not quite.

He redid his entire trunk.  Check out the new look

Looks like it could of came out of a new Aston Martin.  Good work Ben with the upholstery.  Lets see if he stops here or goes in for another round of mods.


Iced Out: Brett’s UCF20 LS400 Trunk (continued)

Because we were waiting on finished pictures of Brett’s trunk, we never posted the rest of that build and his hard-line air suspension setup along with the rest of his audio.

All the work was done by Brett himself which makes it extra special.  Between finishing his new private movie theater style basement and his baby, he didn’t have as much time to get this trunk completed as quickly as he would have liked but he still got it finished.  Whats important is that it was done at a high quality.  The fact that he can say he did it himself is a cherry on top.

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Iced Out: The Generals Sound System completed

Its been real hectic around here for me the last few weeks from having family over from Australia to launching my new company.  I will try my best to get back into the habit of blogging daily.

When we last left you off with Will’s sound system, it was pushing the SummerSlam deadline real close.  For those who checked out our coverage from the show, you will know that he did get it completed.  Check out some more pictures of the General’s SC430 interior and trunk

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Iced Out: General Edition

Recently, Will had his entire trunk leather wrapped to match his interior.  It was more than enough in terms of display but he just wasn’t satisfied.  With everyone going in so hard as of late and the mod bug still fresh in his blood, he pulled the trigger again and didn’t let go until the clip was empty.

The General made a last-minute decision to go in and there is no coming back at this point with the show only days away.  I know you are anxious to hump this widebody SC430 but you are not looking at a glory hole.  He only gave the shop a short week from start to end.  Lets see if they can have it done by SummerSlam.  The heat is on!  OOOOOOHHHHH YEAAAAAAAA BROTHERRRRR!


Iced Out: Ty’s Trunk


We told you this guy don’t stop.  Ty teamed up with James from Mobile Addictions, one of the best high end audio places around, to do his I.C.E.  The attention to detail these guys use is bar none with all their builds such as retaining all the factory mounting points so no holes are drilled.

Knowing Ty, he will have some tricks up his sleeve so stay tuned.