Motivational Monday!

here goes another episode of the Motivational Monday series! i hope everyone liked the first one last week (or rather today since i am actually putting this one together on the same day)! If atleast 1 person can find some inspiration from 1 picture, my mission will be accomplished!!

i am sure most hardcore MINKARA junkies like myself are familiar with this car! well it has undergone a recent wheel change! let us know what you think!

firstly all credits go to the owner of this blog: Looking blog to accompany

for more pictures click read the rest…

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Motivational Monday Premiere!

if any of you are like me, i love to see how the VIP godfathers in Japan are setting the bar with their builds! To help with some much needed inspiration and motivation, i have decided to make a dedicated post every Monday to showcase some of the builds i find on the Minkara blogs! so here it is folks!….

firstly all credits go to the owner of this blog: Page 18 Crown

for more pictures click read the rest…

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Japan Spotlight: Demon Camber

firstly all credits go to the owner of this blog: I ❤ car with lowered body

i just wanted to share some very motivational pictures i found online! DALE!

for more pictures click read the rest…

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Inspiration: Bentley Getting Inspired By AGI?

First off, I would like to say I LOVE the new 2012 Bentley GT.  This post is just comparing some obvious similarities from my car that I designed, with the new Bentley GT front end.

The previous Bentley’s grill was more angled and not as upright as this one (yes I know, that’s due to the new safety law).  Also, the headlamps are now angled and slicked back where as the previous model wasn’t.

When you move down to the bumper, you see that the fog light opening on the GT is very similar to the shape of the Lexus LS460 fog lights which I used.  On top of that, they removed the body lines that sculpted around the headlights that was found on the previous generation.  My car doesn’t have those lines either.

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Liberty Garage: 019 (continued)

So I get this picture message on my phone.  I was expecting to see some titties but the contents of that message was even greater.  In it was a picture of Jermaine’s new Weds Kranze Chrisna’s on his car along with the addition of the 011 Rover vents.

I could see most buying these rims and failing with the execution because it was not well thought out.  From the two tone to the curves and lining of the spokes, this wheel is a real difficult style to pull off.  J’s new vents compliment the look so well, he made it look easy.   Keep an eye out for this one, he still has some more things that are left to go on there in his quest to have the waviest VIP car in the nation.  Oww



When I decided to throw “B L A C K,” I had envisioned it as a long-term project.  It may take 4-5 years to reach its full potential but if it doesn’t start somewhere, it may never get to that point.  The VIP car shows they throw in Japan were my inspiration.  From the “King of Sedan” festival to the up and coming “Sessions Platinum”, words can’t describe how awesome these events are.  Some of these guys change-up their already complete look of their cars from paint, wheels, interior, custom body work, all just to be relevant at one of these shows.  Being in that parking lot would make the biggest names in the car game, feel tiny.  Just watch this video, you will be in awe.

This is going to be our motivation to making  “B L A C K II”  twice the event the first one was.  Since the scene is still very small, we need all of the enthusiasts there next year from the hardcore to the average tuners.  It can be done, it just can’t be done alone.  Houston, Dallas, Florida, Las Vegas, SoCal, Norcal, I want to see you all in attendance.  With or without cars (preferably with).  Lets do this!

Official date and location for B L A C K II will come after our next BBQ.  We are going to give you guys plenty of time to plan for this event so no excuses.  If you are not there, we will take it personal