Martin from MA or “Big Martin,” is getting most of his GS400 repainted.  He missed most of last year with a blown engine but looks to come back strong with his new motor and fresh paint.  We are excited to have him back in action full time.

Since he is getting the front clip resprayed, he decided this was the best time to shave the bumper reflector from the bumper

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Liberty Garage: 040 Continued

The first stage in building a car is the planning.  When you have lots of different off the shelf parts to chose from, that can be somewhat of a challenge.  When there is nothing available at all, it takes intense brain storming.  Being that there is no after-market upgrades for this car besides grill’s and chrome trim, this stage took a lot more hair pulling and sleepless nights planning for my Deville.  Building a car with no support should be influential to those facing similar challenges with the vehicle they love.

I was originally planning to go with an old school vip feel due to the shape and size of the car (Junction Produce, Admiration, Fabulous, etc.).  While I respect that look it is just not what I want to drive around in 2012.  I am going in a modern vip direction (luxury sport) cause that is what interests me the most.  It is a lot harder to pull off especially with this type of car.  I get bored quick so big challenges keep me going like making an old mans pimp car into an aggressive sporty JDM vip style car with no parts readily available.

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LIBERTY GARAGE: 40 Continued

I am pretty set with what I want the Caddy to look like.  I just am working out details such as the body kit, grill and a few other things body related mods.  Suspension wise, I am going with UAS air suspension.  For wheels, I am going with the new Luxury Abstract Mador.  The 7 spoke wheel looks similar to the stock 7 spoke wheels that are on there now.  I want to keep the luxury feel and look and feel that this is the right wheel.  

Justin Boyle was kind enough to do a photoshop for me with the car dumpt and wheels on done to scale size.  What do you guys think?  The wheels will be 22″ but I am not sure if I want to do step lip or reverse and if I want to do the bridges in the wheel color matched.  Should be ordering around new years.

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Previously, I let you guys know I picked up the Caddy Deville as my project car.  No work has been done as of yet other than the addition of chrome stainless door handles.  I did order some cool stuff so figured I would start the liberty garage chapter for this build.

The 00-02 headlights (mine is a 01) and the 03-05 are very similar in appearance but do have one difference.  The 03-05 has one beam inside that acts as high and low where as the 00-02 has two.  I am looking to retrofit one projector and big shroud so the newer ones are more retro friendly for my project.  The projectors I am using are Bi-Xenon so even though there will be only one in there, it is both high and low beam

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LIBERTY GARAGE: 039 Complete

Dreamakers has done it again.  Chris’ M35S is being delivered tomorrow.  All I can say is wow!

The exhaust tips were fitted better into the bumper as well.  The car looks great and is sure to be a fan favorite.  Good job guys. Continue reading

LIBERTY GARAGE: 007 Continued

When I went to the shop with the new Bentley headlight, I just had to do a mock up.  Matt held up the light for me.  He said “Hey I was the same douche to hold up the Maybach tails.”  Matt, people are going to think you own the car in internet land.

You get a feel for how sick this is going to be.  It also justifies my claim to Bentley copying my design.  I can’t be too mad as these new lights will make the car.  They are also angled correctly (my old bentley lights were aimed towards the sky).  Thanks Bentley.  You guys still owe me Royalties though.

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