2011 First Batch of Plates

Our fresh new batch of Liberty stamped plates just flew through customs the other day.  While shirts are available to anyone in or out of the crew, these plates go to hand-picked individuals.

You might have seen these before displayed proudly on the dash’ of our rides.  They are only offered to those who not only rep us to the fullest, but have the quality cars that we are all about.  Luxury cars with nice clean panels, aggressive drop of 4″ or greater and tight-fitting, quality wheels are some of the traits we look for.

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You don’t have to be a member of our crew or even own a luxury car to show support.  Liberty actually likes when people outside of the club wear our gear.  We are selling high quality pre-shrunk cotton shirts with our logo across the chest.  Our last 2 color ways were a big hit so we are re-releasing them as well as adding a new one to the mix.

*Actual shirts pictured above

For sale:



Red/Black *New*

*Not actual shirts, just a mock up.  This is what the red will look like.

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LIBERTY STORE: Offical Team Member Decals

The new Liberty Vip Car Club  decals are now in.  Thanks goes to Kevin “F.L.S.” for getting them made.  They are done in JDM style hologram.

As of now, we would like to keep these reserved for only to our members.  We will have different ones made for our supporters.  If you are a member and would like one, please let us know.


Week 1 of Liberty Calendar Voting

To close out the year with a bang, we are going to put together a calendar for you guys.  This is a way of rewarding some of our star members for putting in the work they have put in.  We need your help to determine what cars get to make the cut.  There will be 15 months total.  Some months will include multiple cars just so we can get as many in there as possible.  You get to choose 5 cars per week.  Week 4 will include the top cars from weeks 1-3 that were not chosen.  If you would like to help with photography please email me some of your work to agimjones@gmail.com

1 Tommi

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Liberty Store: How we spend our profits

Rumor has it that all the earnings from the Liberty merchandise sales goes towards beer or Joose.  That is far from the truth!  Well, not all of it goes towards alcoholic beverages.

Thanks everyone who purchased a Liberty VIP tee-shirt.  We were able to buy a couple of  flags and stands to rep our crew like they do in Japan, with our earnings.  Also, thanks Nick “Airmax” from Houston for hooking us up with the actual banners.

They will be on display at B L A C K which is only a day away.  See you guys there.

If you are interested in a Liberty VIP t-shirt, email me at agimjones@gmail.com for color and size availability.



While our tee shirts are available for anyone to buy, these stamped German license plates are only for our show team VIP members.  Not only are their rides up to par with what we established as the “Liberty Standard”, the members earned a right to carry one based off of their knowledge and willingness to help out.

If we politely turn you down from rocking a Liberty plate at the moment, don’t take it as an insult.  Just look at as a reason to step your game up like the other crew members have in such a short period of time.  After all, we are not looking for quantity, we are looking for quality.  That’s both the car you drive and the driver behind the wheel.


Liberty Store: 002

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary of being an official car club, we are offering you guys 2 new t-shirts in new color ways.  We have the black on black and the white on black.  As of right now, we have sizes M-XL.  Other sizes can be ordered but will require an additional 2-3 week wait.

Each shirt is on sale for $20 picked up or $23 shipped.  Please Paypal the money to