Iced Out: Ty’s Trunk Continued

This is going to end up being one of the coolest trunks around.  Considering all the work that’s been done, Mobile Addictions is moving quickly with Ty’s ride.

The trunk lid its self, feels like what you would see in the current state of JDM vip style.  It looks like there is a black hole that goes 1000 feet deep in there.  That’s what you call an infinity mirror.

The rest of the trunk looks OEM baller from an Aston Martin or high-end car.  James from MA is doing his thing with this one.  Stay tuned to see it come together at SummerSlam.


Lights Out!: 007

With the addition of the blacked out grill, Chris “CubanGS” felt that his headlights and fogs looked out of place being clear.  He went ahead and got both professionally spray tinted (not the crappy nightshade stuff).  The result is pretty sick and compliments the black wheel lips well.

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Automotive Lasik surgery..”re-vision” 5.

Having undergone several “procedures” in the past, this X300 has seen quite it’s share of the operating table. The factory lighting is decent at best and only slightly improved to the X308 chassis that follows it. Rather than going the normal X300 -> X308 route..why not just take something superior and then make it even better? Well..this is what happens when the answer is “sure, why not”.

Thank you BMW! Or should I say Hella..for the 5 series black series crosshair headlights. This was the starting point.
Finding a compatible donor is really the most difficult part of the entire process. Since a few other BMW donors had been used in past procedures it was an easy choice. First step? Remove them from the BMW brackets:
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Lights Out!: 006

Brandon from MA has been putting in work.  He recently had a headlight retro-fit done using M35/45 projectors in his LS400.  His stock headlights have 2 circle bowls which makes the retrofit look real clean.

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Lights Out!: 005 Continued

Previously, we showed you that Al was trying to fit Gatling gun Q45 projectors in his Lexus GS350 headlights.  Turns out, they are too big to fit in the housings cleanly.  With appearance being his main concern, he choose a smaller, similar looking projector for his 3rd generation GS headlight retrofit.

These 5 lens projectors are surrounded by LED’s to form a halo.  They are surprisingly bright

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Lights Out!: 005

Al who was a former D.C. resident, moved out to Hawaii not too long ago.  Don’t think the warm weather and beautiful women slowed down his love for the scene.  He continues to rep Liberty VIP proudly and doesn’t look to stop the modding process.

The Q45 projector is one of the most sought after projectors in terms of looks.

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